Retail Solutions

Global Edge is committed to providing our retail partners with the premium top tier quality products and services.

Our diverse product offering comes from a multi-tiered distribution strategy across the Canadian market. We service all channels of retail distribution and have built key fundamental relationships across the distribution network.

Our connection with retail partners is based on staying true to our core values of creating an organization that employees and customers are proud to associate with.

Global Edge has created a competitive advantage through its ability to customize retail solutions for all channels of distribution in Canada. We are always looking ahead!

Key Retail Partner Objectives

  • Manage communication – Translate retailer speak into vendor language
  • Prioritize the vendor message into what is important to retailers
  • Reduce unnecessary communication – i.e. answer questions that retailers expect the vendor to know
  • Organize and properly prepare the vendor for meetings & recaps of every meeting
  • Foster relationships for the vendor with higher level executives at various retailers
  • Attend training classes to keep the vendor informed on new process and procedures, strategies and objectives
  • Constantly probing Buyers for opportunities on Endcaps/Side-caps, seasonal space, new product and retailer visions

Retail Partners